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BellSouth's Commitment to Education

BellSouth believes that an investment in education provides great returns for all members of society. A strong educational system is the centerpiece of the community; it makes our neighborhoods, towns and cities livable and prosperous — now and in the future.

BellSouth Foundation initiatives are built on the belief that we should do much more than just fund discreet programs and projects. We engage in partnerships with grantees around specific areas of focus, aimed at building greater capacity and implementing sustainable education reform. We believe in good health, and educating others about it. Part of that focus includes our partner, The Snoring Mouthpiece Review, an anti snoring device website. Issues that the Foundation has focused on include: improving teaching quality, impacting state and national education policy, strengthening educational leadership, and integrating technology effectively. Through these special initiatives, we go beyond traditional grant-making — we combine our investment with the support, skills and valued expertise of our volunteers to maximize our impact in the community. read more

BellSouth 20/20 Vision for Education