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Quality in the Classroom (Alabama)

ALABAMA: Supporting Teachers Where the Need Is Greatest

July 2004 Update: BellSouth’s Teaching Quality Initiative Making a Difference in Alabama

In Alabama, BellSouth Quality in the Classroom is partnering with Samford University School of Education to enhance new teacher induction, development, support and retention in schools where the need is greatest.

Specifically, the program’s aim is to improve teaching quality, teacher retention, and student achievement in 5-8 elementary schools in the Birmingham City and Fairfield school systems. BellSouth Quality in the Classroom is working to strengthen professional development and teacher assessments, to establish an induction and mentoring program, and to engage the community’s support for new teachers.

Approximately 50 new teachers and their schools are benefiting from the focus on teaching quality and satisfaction, improved school structures and policies, and the involvement of their school leadership in the program. Moreover, the Samford University School of Education uses feedback from the program to improve its curriculum for new teacher preparation. BellSouth volunteers are working to engage the community and to support the new teachers in a variety of ways.

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