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Quality in the Classroom (Kentucky)

KENTUCKY: New Ways to Learn About Science

BellSouth Quality in the Classroom is helping Kentucky’s middle-school science teachers to meet the “No Child Left Behind” standards requiring them to be well-versed in math and science. The initiative provides teachers with new and interesting ways to teach and learn about science.

The Louisville Science Center is spearheading the program with the assistance of the East Kentucky Science Center (EKSC), Floyd County Schools, the Kentucky Department of Education (including the Kentucky Virtual High School) and the University of Louisville. Together these organizations are creating and providing on-site and Web-based professional development for teachers.

The program includes workshops about inquiry-based learning and incorporates interactive science-learning components, such as a mobile science lab and curriculum-based science kits. The efforts are concentrated in Floyd County, a county in eastern Kentucky where school performance historically has lagged behind the rest of the state. BellSouth volunteers serve as “guides” for the mobile science lab, and they encourage the broader Kentucky community to volunteer, to visit the mobile science lab, and to participate in learning activities at the lab. The partnership shares its findings throughout the state.

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