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Superintendents Leadership Network

In the last five years, BellSouth Foundation has helped develop new philanthropic approaches to education leadership, now an issue of national urgency. Our work with superintendents has pioneered new thinking in particular on how administrators can restructure relationships in a district to promote learning.

In this initiative, we continue and expand the BellSouth Superintendents Leadership Network, created in a 1996 partnership with the Schlechty Center for Leadership in School Reform.

The third cohort of participants in the Superintendents Leadership Network are currently working in "inquiry groups" to explore specific issues of education leadership and develop new approaches, tools and strategies for the field. Their areas of focus include:

  • Strengthening principal leadership
  • Improving school board relationships
  • Transforming central offices
  • Developing organizational visions and beliefs
  • Improving technology

In each of these areas, participants are exploring the superintendents¹ role in leading the way to change. Findings and recommendations will be completed in 2003.

The 4th cohort of the Superintendents Leadership Network will begin in October 2003.

The initiative is meant to be a new model for developing and expanding the leadership competencies of superintendents so that they become not only more successful leaders in their home districts but also education reform advocates among their peers and in their states. In the process, they have developed into a regional network of highly committed educators who support one another's work. The ultimate goal is to build a corps of education leaders who are prepared to carry the South far into the 21st century.


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